The STOCK Team Benefits

A fact check

Everyone knows the act with the benefits and many job postings now read like “copy-paste". Discounted treatments, free board, regular working hours, discounts here, a goodie there, and much more! But what do benefits really represent and how significant are they? We have taken a look behind the scenes and done a fact check for you.

We can proudly say, that in the STOCK Team Lodge staff get not just accommodation to sleep in, but a real HOME. Here you can feel the appreciation for the team members of the STOCK resort particularly. It’s a place to arrive and feel at ease. But with us, you’ll get more than just your own four walls: Your personal refuge with a balcony or terrace offers so much more: the view of the mountains, fresh air, enough storage, cooking area and, and, and.  

The sunny terrace by the panoramic pool is perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries. You like swimming your laps in the pool early morning – or in the evening after work? You decide what you do in your free time. How about burning off some energy in the staff-gym followed by a sauna session? In addition, the Panorama-Fitnessstudio in the hotel is available to you from Tuesday to Sunday!

Discounts and more

The STOCK discounts

  • Of course, you also get discounts on treatments in our STOCK DIAMOND SPA and on our products in the hotel. Treating yourself and letting yourself go with a massage or a facial – that just does a world of good. New haircut? You’ll save time and money, because we have our own hairdresser in the hotel! With the STOCK BONUSCARD you also get many benefits at our partners, which have a direct effect on your wallet.
  • But enough of the “material” benefits, because people come first in STOCK resort and that goes not only for the guests, but above all also for our staff. It’s not for nothing that we talk about our team as being a big family. Here you count as a person – no matter where you come from and which position you have.
  • Everyone is valuable and without you the wheels would stop spinning. And because sometimes not everything is all that easy, there is Anna, our team coach. She supports us when we need advice from outsiders – no matter if it’s about a professional or a private challenge.
  • You are a team player hungry for knowledge, who always wants to upgrade your skills? Then you have the opportunity here to do this internally thanks to our specially created training schedule or externally through your personal training budget.
Bottom line

Now you have a better idea of the big world of the STOCK Benefits. Do you want to become part of our STOCK family now, too?

We look forward to seeing you!

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